See M&C Live!

See M&C Live!

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“Local songwriting duo Mustache and Cleavage walk the fine line in songwriting between humorous and heartfelt, poignant and powerful. Their chemistry is evident in every chord and phrase they have stitched into their well-crafted songs. A musical journey you’re likely not to forget.”

~ Jerry Montoya
Executive Producer at The Sofia Tsakapoulos Center for the Arts/B Street Theatre
Past Shows

7/14/21 - Live from the HCG

6/30/21 - Live from the HCG

6/12/21 - Live from the HCG

9/11/20 - Six Feet Apart concert series

To watch individual song clips, go to our Music and Videos page.

2/29/20 The Sofia - Upstairs at the B!

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upcoming shows, new music releases, all that!