Mustache and Cleavage is

Alexander Lewis and Amy Kelly

The two long-time friends share a common interest in writing songs that are emotional and easily relatable. Their musical partnership started out several years ago, and they had just begun playing out when the world came to a standstill in 2020. Now that things have opened up again, Mustache and Cleavage are raring to pick right back up where they left off, armed with a bevy of new material that combines drama and humor to round out one hell of a listening experience!

Mustache and Cleavage creates exciting original music built on a strong aesthetic, enabling the audience to fully immerse themselves into the sound, musically and conceptually.

To date, the duo have released two studio EPs: “Can of Tears” in 2019 and, at the height of the pandemic, “Sheltering Songs” in 2020. These records are a great introduction to Mustache and Cleavage’s incredibly diverse sound and its distinctive formula of ringing harmonies, heart-breaking lyrics, and a dash of humor.

The pair’s music is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell, to name just a few. Find Mustache and Cleavage’s music on the web’s best digital music streaming services.