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Mustache and Cleavage is Alexander Lewis and Amy Kelly. The singer-songwriter duo creates exciting American folk-pop music built on a distinctive formula of ringing harmonies, heart-breaking lyrics, and a dash of humor. Mustache and Cleavage draw inspiration from artists as diverse as Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell, to name just a few. On stage, the band delivers compelling stories and memorable melodies with two voices and an acoustic guitar. Mustache and Cleavage’s track “Unicorn” was featured in the film What’s the Matter with Gerald?, which won the 2016 Cinema Diverse award. To date, the duo has released two studio EPs: “Can of Tears” in 2019 and “Sheltering Songs” in 2020. These records are a great introduction to the band’s incredibly diverse sound. Mustache and Cleavage is currently at work on its second full-length release, due out 2022.

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Mustache and Cleavage is an independent, self-managed band

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